Bennie Madoff Bernanke Wants The Ponzi Scheme To Continue!

Yesterday evening I happened to surf on TV (I don't watch much TV) and I saw some 'reporter' interviewing Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. I couldn't stomach more than a couple of 'questions' and 'answers.'

'Questions' that are really just designed as propaganda tools are ones that lead the listener along a false line of reasoning before ending with a request for a confirmation? For example the 'reporter' said that there was a depression in 1907 that lead to the formation of the Federal Reserve which from then on made it possible to cure depressions. And then the Ponzi scheme manager (alias Bennie Madoff Bernanke) confirmed that it is the Federal Reserve that can solve depressions!

Another 'question' by the pawn of the unConstitutional coup praised Bernanke as an expert on the Great Depression and then lead the listeners on a journey of lies and half-truths so that before Bennie Madoff Bernanke answered it was made clear that the Federal Reserve was doing right now exactly what it should be doing to prevent another Great Depression. Bernanke - the narcissist - tried to pretend that he modestly contributed a great, great and unparalleled amount of unmatched and magnificent knowledge about the Great Depression as a scholar prior to his appointment to the highest Keynesian position in a Keynesian world. Then he went on describing how more regulation that is made international will fix the problem!

When a Ponzi scheme is nearing its breakdown point the only hope is to expand it. So in that regard Bennie Madoff Bernanke is correct that more regulations are needed to keep the Ponzi scheme hidden and he is also correct about needing to expand of the scope of the Ponzi scheme.

What the scum failed to say and what the scum who interviewed him failed to ask was who were the victims of the Ponzi scheme?

The unConstitutional coup is desperately trying to brainwash the public and is nervous about the rising tide of rebellion against its counterfeit operation. Whether Bennie Madoff Bernanke knows it or not the unConstitutional coup will use him as a scapegoat when the economy continues to collapse, to divert attention away from their Presidential puppet as long as possible. They hope to impose strict totalitarian control and use the faltering economy and the 'popularity' of their puppet to accomplish their destruction of the Constitutional Republic. Their eyes are on the prize - world monetary hegemony!

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