Can Ron Paul Educate President Obama?

I am glad Congressman Paul occupied most of the time framing his question because we all know two things:
1). the answers from the three stooges would be duplicitous, and
2). these agents of the unConstitutional coup would like nothing more than to limit the amount of time given to a Statesman who can use the Congressional seat to educate people about the economy.

If Obama has been insulated from the wisdom and power of Ron Paul in the past because of the fairytale political processes of the unConstitutional coup he is now getting a healthy dose of the ideology that will slay his socialist ideology. I am sure these three (stooges) will be crybabies when they go before the President and tell him who was 'mean' to them!

If only President Obama will do justice to the American spirit that lead people to choose him because they believed that he repesented change (being relatively young and being a man with an African-American heritage) then he will abandon the suffocating neocons that surround him and he will tear off his indoctrinated socialistic shackles and embrace the classical liberalism heritage that inspired our Constitutional Republic.

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