Earmarking Our Way To Liberty And Justice!

What if...

What if Congress actually did their job? What if instead of passing massive legislation that they don't even read or have time to read because the unConstitutional coup hoists it upon them during a so called crisis, what if instead they sat down and did their homework and earmarked every single item in the budget?

What if as a result they knew what was going on, and so they stopped lying to the people that they represent?

What if with a new sense of dignity and honor they felt compelled to abide by the Constitution as a tribute to the remarkable history of our Constitutional Republic?

What if galvanized by this new patriotism they turned their focus on the Federal Reserve and decided to make it transparent and responsible to the Congress of the United States?

What if instead of cowards sheepishly doing whatever the unConstitutional coup demands the Congress instead recognizes that these economic terrorists have usurped the power granted solely to the Congress, the States, the President, and the people?

What if the days of counterfeiting, tyranny, and ego-driven interventionsim are coming to an end?


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