Empirical Economics Is Fraudulent!

Empiricism rests upon cardinal numbers. To the empiricists the numbers - the data - have meaning and then they must explain the meaning. What is scientific about someone just arbitrarily giving meaning to a number?

The subjective methodology looks at numbers as ordinal. The numbers do not have any meaning except that they are relative to other numbers. What gives them meaning is that people rank their preferences which connects the numbers to human valuation. Since they are human valuations and since humans are complex beings these valuations change all of the time.

The science necessary to understand humans is called praxeology which uncovers the laws of human action. Numbers that are associated with human action have meaning relative to each other because humans act like humans act! Praxeology, the science of human action, is the science built upon natural law. Natural law includes the natural sciences since animals act like animals, plants function like plants, minerals exhibit the characteristics of minerals, etc.

Biology, chemistry and physics are natural sciences that have an empirical nature to them because of the way natural laws are binding upon them. Human sciences, likewise, are part of the natural law science but because humans act subjectively the appropriate methodology is subjectivism.

All empirical economics is nothing but ego-driven interpretation and it is then used (misused and abused) by the ego-driven interventionists to redistribute wealth directly or indirectly towards the perpetrator of this flagrant injustice.

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