Europe Needs A Statesman Like Ron Paul!

Since a principled scholarly classical liberal that has the fortitude to enter and succeed in the political arena is so rare, Europe may need to borrow Ron Paul!

But that is not so far-fetched since we share a common heritage of the western civilization that spawned classical liberalism. So forget the artificial, man-made boundaries since they do not apply to the human intellect or to the cause of liberty and freedom and peace and prosperity.

Step one: Get rid of the central bank and return to a gold standard.

Step two: Stop economic interventionism and return to a free market economy.

Step three: Cut government spending and cut taxes.

Step four is more of a European thing and it has great possibility there: Return to constitutional monarchies.

If there are voices in Europe that speak of these ideas as the solution to the economic blight in Europe then you may have a statesman in your midst.

There is no reason there cannot be more than one statesman on earth at the same time. In fact we need more and the sooner the better! Ron Paul can help you and you can help Ron Paul.

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