Gold Prices And The Prospect Of A Federal Reserve Audit!

If you were unethical and in trouble what would you do?

If you knew there was a possibility that you were going to be audited and if you have already irretreivably stolen and spent trillions what would you do with the assets that remain?

What if the unConstitutional coup that is your overlord cannot sustain its camouflage if the gold price continued to attract investors who are trying to flee to some market asset that is real and at the same time the assets in your possession are the remnants of gold that are still unstolen?

Sell the gold on the world market to cause the gold price to fall while the other pawns of the unConstitutional coup use fear and compulsion to try to convince investors to buy U.S. Treasury bonds. This is the strategy of the Federal Reserve and its forked-tongued whispering advisor, the Treasury Department.

What about the gold, these assets that are supposed to be in the possession of the Federal Reserve? If the audit actually happens the scam is exposed anyway so totally depleting it has no restraining influence. All that can be done at this point is to hope that the unConstitutional coup can propagandize the public, and pull hard on the puppet strings of all its marionettes in the Congress to prevent the audit, and use the confusion in the market caused by dumping gold to buy time so the international monetary system devised by these economic terrorists can be imposed on a propagandized and unsuspecting world population.

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