Ignorance About Classical Liberalism Is To Blame!

Last month was Black History Month. One of the things it has done is permitted the lost contributions of people who had been excluded from history to be rediscovered. Now an even more important American tradition needs to be rediscovered and that is classical liberalism. Most people do not know that the inspiration for our Constitutional Republic was the classical liberalism philosophy extant in Europe at the time.

Why do people not know this? Because the education system that is controlled by the government does not teach about classical liberalism. Why does it not teach about classical liberalism? Because classical liberalism identifies the government as an extractor of wealth and as the source of corruption and oppression. This is what the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect us against but now the government controls every aspect of our lives and makes darn sure that people are not educated about classical liberalism.

That is why it sounds so odd and strange when liberty, and sound money, and peaceful relationships with all other nations, are put out there for consideration!

On March 4th the Gazette headline was ‘Human factor lifts sales tax’ as if those who are compassionate wanted higher taxes! A sales tax is the most regressive of all taxes which means that it is most painful for the poor and those with lower incomes! So if it wasn’t the compassionate human factor then what was it that won? Bigger government because people are not aware of their classical liberalism heritage!