Is China A Lapdog? Please Don't Lose Face!

How do you say in Chinese "Like a good socialist I cannot let the market decide the medium of exchange?"

One way is to praise Keynes!

Another way is to surrender monetary control to the International Monetary Fund!

The Chinese leaders are acting just like the ego-driven interventionists everywhere else. They are proposing destruction of the economic future instead of facing the necessarily painful corrections now. China should just 'bite the bullet' and take its losses that are the result its ill-advised buying of the debt of the unConstitutional coup in the United States.

China is afraid of 'losing face' but it should allow the unConstitutional coup to 'lose face!'

Otherwise China will 'lose face' to an even greater extent by being seen as the little puppydog being lead on a leash by the greatest economic terrorists the world has ever seen.

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