It May Be Time To Save The Constitutional Republic!

The unConstitutional coup will continue to use its media minions to try to polarize Ron Paul.

But there is nothing that can pull Ron Paul from the central issue of the Federal Reserve - which is the heart of the unConstitutional coup. Now it is easy to see why they want to pull him away. The heart of this beast is beating irregularly and it will not be able to withstand the stress of an audit!

The unConstitutional coup is desperate! There is momentum in Congress for the audit of the Federal Reserve! Their bimbo, Bernanke, will have to resign if there is an audit because someone will have to take the blame and then gold will obviously be ready and able to fill the void created by a floundering central bank. This will potentially cascade into a total rejection of the fiat dollar.

Then the unConstitutional coup will be have to come out from hiding and expose itself as an unConstitutional coup! Get ready Americans to save your Constitutional Republic!

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