The 'Maestro' Conducted A Funeral Dirge!

Why would the unConstitutional coup allow its ass ets (not a typo) to sit idle while a tourniquet (an audit of the Federal Reserve) is in place and about to be applied (H.R. 1207)?

Some how, some way, the blame needs to be shifted away from the Federal Reserve or the pawns of the unConstitutional coup will have no recourse but to listen to the disgust of the ones who cast their votes each election cycle. Members of Congress will not be able to tow the line for the unConstitutional coup if the Federal Reserve is undeniably perceived as the cause of the economic crisis.

Can a forked tongue maestro who has fallen from grace convince anyone? Certainly not alone. Expect a bombardment from all the guns at the disposal of the unConstitutional coup. Line up and be counted all you media minions, now is the time for you to deliver! These are extremely desperate times! A way of life is in danger - fascism as we know it may come to an end!

Pull the forked tongue back in. It's too late!

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