Ron Paul Is A Great American Statesman!

Ron Paul knows what Washington D.C. is like. He basically said that it is all about showmanship and political maneuvering. He basically said that philosophically the politicians could care less about contracts or the Constitution; it is all about ego-driven interventionism.

How draining that must be to be surrounded by such ungodliness constantly. We do not appreciate enough the monumental strength of Congressman Ron Paul.

Now that he has gained prominence the pressure from the unConstitutional coup has increased but he can handle that. What brings him strength and joy is the growth of the cause of liberty. And this is also what weakens the dastardly schemes of the unConstitutional coup.

We know what we need to do! We need to educate ourselves and others about liberty, about classical liberalism, about Austrian economics, about property rights and we need to pray for Ron Paul. He will humbly receive that extra assistance and use it in the battle to expose the ego-driven interventionists and their schemes, and also to inspire millions to join the fight for liberty and justice.

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