Washington, D.C. Subculture Of Graft.

Being almost a lone voice in a den of thieves is something Congressman Ron Paul has experienced for many years. The fact that there is some attention being given to what he has to say is a sign of progress but the subculture in Washington, D.C., made up of unprincipled politicians, is as difficult to change as the welfare mother who has become totally dependent.

The illegitimate offspring of these politicians are the plethora of unconstitutional legislation that gets their rubber stamp, not coincidentally because it has some kind of graft feedback loop to keep them in office.

Will this political class subculture voluntarily return to the Constitution as the rule of law? This question will be answered in this generation. If no then a future generation will have to restore a Constitutional government after much destruction by the ego-driven interventionists. If yes then the spirit of America still is alive in the hearts of enough people to make this happen.

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