Who Are These Con Artists That Are Stealing From Us?

We never did actually see the guest list!

The local farmers - the productive citizens in the area - were at the 'barn party' but they were ignored and even gossiped about by the political class; from the lowest local tax-consuming bureaucrat, to the middle-ranked, ambitious political climber who benefits from gambling proceeds, to the high rollers who function as ego-driven interventionists and who mingle with the agents of the unConstitutional coup.

Instead of torching the barn like General Sherman these destroyers are economic terrorists doing the bidding of the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup.

Last I heard Bernanke and Paulson were seen passing notes back and forth about the new international fiat currency that will be used to insure world monetary hegemony for the elite ego-driven interventionists. But there is a counterforce!

If we do our job the next barn party that the political class goes to will be used for condemning them with foot-in-mouth disease and for the cleaning out their disease-infested manure as part of the sterilization of the barn.

Then productivity, property rights, peace, and prosperity can return.

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