Will Market Forces Crush TIME?

Market forces penetrate even the propaganda tools! What good is a propaganda tool if it is considered irrelevant?

If no one wants to buy TIME magazine because it cannot be trusted to provide unbiased information the magazine will fail. That is how the market works. Like in the Soviet Union the propaganda tool can exist temporarily apart from the market with the aid of a subsidy, in this case by the advertising money that comes either directly or indirectly from the unConstitutional coup (and its arms or more descriptively: its tentacles).

But relevance is still a major issue!

To appear relevant they place Ron Paul in the list of 100. To appear to be unbiased they portray his stance on gold accurately.

TIME magazine, thanks for helping to spread the cause of liberty! If you haven't learned the lessons of the market you will fail despite your little tactic to appear relevant.

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