And Economic Fascism Too!

Most people don't know what fascism is so to bring the word 'fascism' into the public debate will just be part of the education process that needs to take place.

Should we worry about the way the media will be instructed to use the reference to fascism as a way to tarnish the ethical stances of Ron Paul? How naive it would be to think that the media would not be instructed to find something to distort. The unConstitutional coup uses the media as a propagation tool, so the best way to counter their scheming is simply to speak the truth with words that are both precise and accurate.

To the credit of the reporter he allowed Ron Paul to clarify, but probably the reporter was unaware that a clarification of the word 'fascism' could be so easily understood and so revealing.

These reporters are stuck in the middle. They are trying to do their job while possibly only partially aware that they are merely serving an overlord that has as its purpose the indoctrination of the masses.

Now let us see if the media takes off and runs with fascism. Spread the news if you must you dummies! Maybe the media will actually do its job of spreading the news even while the bungling agents of the unConstitutional coup are trying to discredit the great Statesman Ron Paul.

Economic fascism by the economic terrorists who are the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup in the United States is what the people will learn about. As Americans become enraged the unConstitutional coup may wish for a more military fascist State to help postpone its inevitable defeat at the hands of liberty loving Americans.

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