"Audit The Fed!" Is More Powerful Than The Overlords!

If the unConstitutional coup had overconfidently fallen asleep and did not think it was necessary to 'make themselves known' by direct pressure on each and every member of Congress nevertheless they schemed enough to make sure that the ones in the 'leadership' knew who their overlords were!

Will these corrupted ones ('leadership') find themselves torn between the voice of the people (and their own patriotic consciences) and the whisperings and hissing of the snakes intent on destroying our Constitutional Republic?

These are the ego-driven interventionists and the ego-driven interpreters who have - from the beginning of human civilization - tried to uproot the radical of classical liberalism philosophy because classical liberalism is the destroyer of the oppressive State (run by the ego-driven interventionists and the ego-driven interpreters).

Liberty and freedom will eventually behead that vile snake.

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