Auditing The Fed Is The Spark Of A Liberty Revolution.

Apparently, apart from peer pressure and the indoctrinating propaganda that is constantly being bombarded upon the public and the members of Congress alike, no one from the unConstitutional coup directly commanded the members of Congress to allow the unconstitutional counterfeiting to proceed unabated "or else!"

What we see then, as a consequence of the overconfidence of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup, is a natural curiosity and a spirit of true patriotism by numerous members of Congress. The constant and obviously absurd abuse of powers has stirred up the people and the members of Congress are hearing the discontentment that they are voicing.

Now it has gotten to the point where the unConstitutional coup has to make itself come 'out of the closet' and declare itself to be in charge with the expectation of obedience, or it has to sit back and watch itself be exposed. That exposure will greatly intensify the wrath of the people.

What is on the immediate horizon is the face-to-face standoff between Congress and the unConstitutional coup.

Has Ron Paul nurtured enough representatives in Congress to be champions of the Constitution? Will the interest in the Constitution among Americans give the Congress the courage needed to stab a dagger into the heart of the unConstitutional coup?

These are exciting times! The cause of liberty is far more powerful that its lying and scheming opponents!

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