Destruction Of The Dollar From Counterfeiting!

"When the dollar is destroyed you will want to know who your friends are!" By friends Ron Paul means those who are educated about liberty and who will tirelessly and courageously educate others about liberty.

We know who the enemies are: the nanny State and the parasites, the thugs who use the coercive methods of the government to steal, oppress, and even murder.

The unConstitutional coup does not care about the destiny of America so it does not care that it is using economic terrorism to destroy the dollar and to create the chaos of a lawless society.

The cause of liberty is what will conquer the unConstitutional coup and the cause of liberty is what will bring law and order back to society.

One of the best moments of this speech is when Ron Paul states clearly and without reservation that the current monetary system is a counterfeit operation.

Another fantastic moment was when Ron Paul presented in a straightforward manner how quickly the finances of the United States could be improved by bringing home all the troops and using this savings to take care of those who are dependent, and to pay for infrastructure needs, in addition to paying down some of the debt!

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