Drug War Is A Failure And It Is Unconstitutional.

This CNN interview with Ron Paul explodes many of the myths used to justify the Drug War. In a matter of fact manner Ron Paul lays out the common sense alternative to the failed Federal policy that is just another unconstitutional power grab taking authority away from the States.

Why is there so much opposition? Because of corruption! Why is there so much opposition by the Federal government? Because of corruption and because it would lead to a decentralization, with the consequence of more local control. This would expose the irrelevance of the Federal government and it would decrease the need for such high taxes.

All of a sudden people will question the rest of the abuses by the unConstitutional coup. All of a sudden the basis of control will start to unravel and many of the other unconstitutional acts will come under scrutiny. People will demand that their representatives in Congress stop all of the violations of the Constitution!

Will this be a peaceful return to our Constitutional Republic or will the unConstitutional coup try to use its well greased military industrial complex to try to prevent its demise? Either way, peacefully or not, the unConstitutional coup is about to unravel. Thank God!

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