Foreign Aid To Africa Is Unethical!

Foreign aid to Africa is unethical!

All that happens is that the members of the elite political class take the funny money and use it to strengthen their control of the political system. The rest of the people in those countries continue to suffer from their unchanged hatreds and economic plights while the gap between the political class of the ego-driven interventionists and the victims of their economic terrorism widens.

And who can claim a diplomatic victory for this fraudulent 'help?' The unConstitutional coup in the United States that used its monetary hegemony to prop up puppet leaders who are dependent like dope addicts on the influx of bribes (U.S. foreign aid).

Those Africans who are educated and who have discovered what is making Africa a covey of drug (funny money) addicts at the mercy of the drug dealers (puppet leaders) and their drug supplier (the unConstitutional coup in the United States) need to turn to the philosophy of classical liberalism and rise up to educate their fellow Africans and to sever the chain of slavery.

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