Free Banking System Starting At The Grass Roots!

I wonder if this is the start of a free banking system.

Just like the failed ideas of socialism will end and the ethical ideas of classical liberalism will need to be known about widely (through education) to fill the void (economic and general societal collapse), so too will we benefit from a free banking foundation.

Just like the unConstitutional coup will come apart when the members of the inner circle are forced to flee from the victims of their economic terrorism so too will the fiat banking system (that is nothing but a counterfeiting operation for the ego-driven interventionists) come apart. It will be good to have in place locally respected currencies that can opt for gold-backing as a guarantee of its viability as a medium of exchange.

All of these foundational elements of a classical liberalism society are emerging and coming to the surface (eg. States rights, etc.), while educating people despite all of the half-truth propaganda is the pressing need of the moment.

Living during these tribulations is a challenge but forging the way forward towards a classical liberalism society and civilization is well worth the sacrifice. To lovers of liberty it is not much of a sacrifice since it is our pleasure!!!

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