G-20 Plan For Monetary Hegemony Affects The Gold Price.

G-20 (you know, all of the central banks that are subservient to the dollar hegemony of the unConstitutional coup in the United States) got together and tried to hold together their political system of theft and bribery.

To their chagrin the people around the world know that gold is money and has been since the beginning of human civilization. The problem for the unethical G-20 is that the politicians cannot create gold out of thin air or from any other alchemy.

So it is no surprise that these short-sighted, money-grabbing and corrupt ego-driven interventionists have to alter the price of gold to buy enough time to be able force a world fiat monetary system on everyone. It cannot be done now because there is too much suspicion within this group of crooks. They know that every other G-20 member is a crook and so they don't trust them! They cannot agree about how to divide the spoils of the world fiat currency.

The alternative is to alter the price of gold by releasing gold into the market, causing the supply to increase driving the price down.

It is obvious how weak the unConstitutional coup in the United States is. Internationally it is no longer the big, bad bully and domestically it is about to have its 'front man' (the Federal Reserve) face the Congress regarding its blatantly bankrupt balance sheet (when the Federal Reserve is audited - H.R. 1207).

The cause of liberty and the protection of liberty by sound money is on the rise worldwide.

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