Ireland Allows Keynesian Imperialism To Enslave It.

Ireland has forgotten its classical liberal roots. It was victimized by the imperialism of Britain and never gained back its authentic heritage.

Proof? Keynesianism. That's right! It has adopted the system of the exploitation of people that was fabricated by 'Lord' Keynes (a British citizen, a British title, and a socialistic imperialist). The consequence of Keynesianism is to create two classes of people - the political class and the victims of their parasitism. The political class are those who serve the imperialistic designs of the destroyers of the classical liberal cultural roots (your version of domestic enemies).

The rampant use of alcohol in Ireland keeps the populace dumbed down so they are easily lead along like sheep by their 'leaders' who are ego-driven interventionists molded by Keynesian propaganda.

Will Ireland return to its glorious roots? Not without fortitude and untainted intelligence. Toss away the drugs of the overlords! Educate yourselves about classical liberalism!

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