Keynesianism Is Socialism!

Gary North summarizes nicely the destructive educational goal of the economic propaganda promulgated by government funded education:

"The Keynesians' goal is to train students to believe that money spent by the government is productive, while money spent by investors and capitalist enterprises is wasteful. They teach the students to believe that the expansion of money by the central bank is productive, while increased savings by the public leads to what the Keynesians call the paradox of thrift. Somehow, thrift creates economic recessions. Somehow, increased saving to make available capital goods is a threat to the financial stability of free markets."

Keynes as well as Greenspan and Bernanke and Krugman and Paulson and Geithner and all of the ego-driven interventionists in the world who use their economic terrorism to redistribute wealth to themselves (directly or indirectly) for the purpose of hegemony are socialists and they are also fascists!

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