North Korea Is Only A Tiny Blade Of Grass!

Oh-oh, a tiny blade of grass has stirred in the wind! Call out the Army and the Marines!

The unConstitutional coup is failing on every front - the domestic economy, international bullying, total control of the media sources - so it has to try to use its most muscular arm, the military industrial complex.

The problem is Americans cannot stomach more Iraq or more Afghanistan. Invading Iran has become way too outlandish. Boogeyman, boogeyman where are you?

A blade of grass called North Korea has stirred! Use the puppet pulpit to inflame the world with propaganda about a nuclear holocast simply because a blade of grass spent its precious resources on a big fireworks display while its citizens starve.

These diversionary tactics designed to camouflage the economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup in the United States simply expose the people who are its slaves, and who are the mindless agents of its military industrial complex. Listen to what the politicians say. If a politician voices any of this diversionary rhetoric then that minion may as well shout at the top of his or her voice "I am a traitor against the Constitutional Republic called the United States of America."

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