Pirates And All Of Their Loot Cannot Stop The Cause Of Liberty.

When the pirate ships come to port there is always alot of activity and an uptick.

The same is true at the places where the loot taken by taxation comes to rest. Look at the State capitals like Madison and Des Moines and Harrisburg and Sacramento, and look at Washington, D.C.

Pirates do not need ships and guns. All they need is the coercive force of the State. Who is going to rescue the poor captives, us, the hostages of a socialist/fascist State?

The cause of liberty is a great force, powerful enough to cause the pirates to scurry, but it needs our help to educate people about classical liberalism while the awesome forces of equilibrium destroy the pirate clans. Then even their parrot will no longer be able to spew the pirate propaganda!

Some of the pirates are hoping to return to the site of their buried treasures but most of them will be hunted down by the victims of their economic terrorism long before they reach the desert island. Those that do make it there will be able to count their funny money as many times as they want while perishing alone and shunned.

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