Private Streets And Infrastructure!

I classify the whole issue of 'public goods' and eminent domain under a term called 'Forced Development.' This macro approach is just as arbitrary as price regulation.

Whose vision for development is being 'forced' on people? What would happen if there was no arbitrary development forced on people?

In a classical liberalism society people who want to have 'infrastructure' will migrate to places that have contractual relationships in place that foster that type of 'development.' If that is indeed a good thing then it will be a very prosperous place and other places will then emulate it and civilization will advance in that way.

At the same time, those people who want less 'development' can choose to live in places that have contractual relationships that preserve those type of conditions. Over time they will still evolve along with and parallel to the ever-advancing civilization because the people living in these places will have children and their idealism will have an influence over the long run. Prosperity is very attractive to most people.

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