Swine Flu Epidemic Or Audit The Federal Reserve?

What a pathetic arsenal of scare tactics! Since almost everyone in the U.S. has grown weary of the ramrodding of military invasions of countries and regions around the world, this tactic of imperialistic diversion of attention away from the economic terrorism of unConstitutional coup is no longer available.

And too many eyes are watching for a diversionary internal plot to succeed.

But something has to be done! Something has to divert the attention of the public away from the growing hostility towards the Federal Reserve. Congress may demand an audit of the Federal Reserve!

That will blow the cover of the unConstitutional coup! Can it withstand an open coup against the Congress of the United States? Will the military industrial complex remain loyal to the unConstitutional coup because of its promises of exploits and a plentiful supply of the counterfeit money or will the shame of treason turn them back into patriots?

Oh oh, no tools to work with!

Swine flu! That’s it! Spread the news of an epidemic! Stir up hysteria and make it a national emergency!

I’m sorry to burst your bubble (No, I am not talking about the business cycle bubble that is bursting because the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department has made the dollar worthless!) but your little “Swine Flu” tactic cannot stop the fervor of the desire for liberty.

Let’s see if Congress can re-establish our Constitutional Republic!

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