There Is Taxation Without Representation In Socialism.

What is the original meaning and spirit of 'no taxation without representation?' Who has a representative in Congress that is fighting to reduce taxes?

Indirectly we all do since Ron Paul is introducing and cosponsoring legislation that affects all of us. Directly, the fortunate Texans who live in his district have representation.

  1. Ron Paul is an original cosponsor on a bill that would give Americans a two month employment and income tax holiday, while taking unused TARP money back from the Secretary of the Treasury and putting it in the Social Security trust fund instead.

  2. Ron Paul recently introduced the Child Health Care Affordability Act. If passed this legislation would provide parents with a tax credit of up to $500 for health care expenses of dependent children.

  3. Ron Paul also re-introduced the Tax Free Tips Act, which would make tips exempt from federal income and payroll taxes.

  4. Ron Paul is also an original cosponsor of a bill that would make permanent the deduction of state and local sales taxes.

  5. Bill HR 162 introduced by Ron Paul exempts Social Security benefits from income tax.

There is representation for all of us because Ron Paul is doing everything he can to stop the expansion of socialism. Of course everyone knows there is massive taxation without representation in socialism. Let's help Ron Paul to keep us from going any further down that road to totalitarianism.

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