Acknowledgement in "The HUMAN ESSENCE of Economics"

Acknowledgement in The HUMAN ESSENCE of Economics
In the interim between 2006 when I published DIVINE MICROECONOMY: A Tapestry of Human Virtues and the present I became aware of a book written by Milton Shapiro. It came to my attention when I was browsing on the Mises Institute website where it was very highly recommended as a book about microeconomics from an Austrian economics perspective.

Dr. Milton Shapiro considers himself a devoted student of Mises, who he says ‘humanized economics.’ Inspired by Human Action and other works of Ludwig von Mises Milton Shapiro wrote Foundations of the Market Price System.

I found myself greatly impressed with this book written by Dr. Shapiro, who taught economics at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona for 25 years. After corresponding and speaking with Dr. Shapiro he agreed to allow me to acknowledge my indebtedness to the clarity and precision of his insights put forth in his book.

Part of my indebtedness to Dr. Shapiro is due to the information conveyed in the diagrams found in Foundations of the Market Price System which I modified and used in Chapter Three to help me to describe the core economic concepts. These include Diagram III B, Diagram III C, Diagram III D, Diagram III E, Diagram III F, Diagram III G, Diagram III H, and Table III A.
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