Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Lies To Congress!

This pawn of the unConstitutional coup didn't even come close to answering the specific question asked by Congressman Ron Paul: "Are innocent Pashtoons being killed by the U.S. military?"

There is no difference in the end between outright lying and deliberate evading of the question, in this case couched in the standard rhetoric of duty and national defense.

The single party of fascism and socialism and imperialism is directing its puppet Presidents (present and past) and their minions (like the boob Ambassador) to pursue its goal of worldwide hegemony.

Is anyone in Congress hearing what the great Statesman Ron Paul is saying? Are they cowardly or are they blinded by a distorted version of patriotism that kills innocent people?

Please Congress, stand up to the unConstitutional coup, defeat it, and return us to a Constitutional Republic.