Commentary: Audit The Fed!

So we have the printed news outlets struggling to appear relevant whereas they essentially have two options to choose from that are critical to their existence: pump out the lies and half-truths of the unConstitutional coup OR SATISFY INQUISITIVE MINDS BY PROVIDING THE TRUTHFUL AND LOGICAL WISDOM THAT IS BASED ON THE PRINCIPLES OF CLASSICAL LIBERALISM.

Will the media outlets be foolish like the addicts of counterfeit money (the fascist corporations that have gone to bed with the socialist government) and be lead like a hapless puppy down the path of destruction OR WILL THEY AWAKEN TO THE CONCEPT OF 'FREEDOM OF THE PRESS' AND ACTUALLY EXPOSE THE FALLACIES OF THE ECONOMIC TERRORISTS THAT COMPOSE THE INNER CIRCLE OF THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL COUP?

If the printed media or any of the other types of media outlets go broke they have no one to blame except themselves (that is, each CEO that has been corrupted and bribed by the ego-driven interventionists).

It is time for the big, corrupt news media outlets to be broken apart by the equilibrium power of the market so that those who are entrepreneurial can provide relevant and truthful news to the people. Let knowledge flow and quickly the usurpers of the Constitution and the ego-driven interventionists and the ego-driven interpeters will be reviled and shunned and sent to their abasement.

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