Is The United States Like A Third World Country?

Just like all the third world countries that are on the path towards totalitarianism, they are the primary customers for the weapons produced by the military industrial complex. Only this time the table is turned.

The United States is about to lose its worldwide monetary hegemony (the dollar is going to collapse soon) and almost instantly it will become like a third world country - unable to produce what the people need because of the flight of capital and because of the barbaric central planning by the political class.

The unConstitutional coup needs to sell its weapons that are produced by its miilitary industrial complex and it needs to funnel its counterfeit money back into the military industrial complex. It also needs to militarize itself to try to prevent its overthrow by the masses who are the victims of its economic terrorism. All of these reasons contribute to the massive distribution of sophisticated weaponry to its minions.

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