Alertness And Responsiveness Give Cities Great Potential.

The interesting aspect of all of this is the potential flexibility of these smaller 'units.' Imagine if you would a scenario where local officials begin to talk among themselves about the merits of classical liberalism. Imagine that they actually come to the realization that prosperity would come to them magnetically if all the disincentives of interventionism were abolished. Imagine if they actually realized that being a statesman is far more glorious than being an ego-driven interventionist and that the moral and ethical thing to do is to preserve and protect property rights.

As a consequence of free trade and commerce and the justice of a contractual society, the flow of goods and services and the engendering of happy people would quickly transform the previously wasted and lethargic resources into an engine of prosperity.

Now back to the initial point. This potential is very near the surface in cities of all sizes. In cities, if the elected local representatives are respected because they possess qualities of character, but like most they are indoctrinated by the propaganda of the government about 'democracy,' and then they have the good fortune to find the logic and ethics of classical liberalism there is a real chance that they can easily gain the consent of the local people to make the change.

Who would object to no taxes, and a prosperous environment for businesses, and protection of property rights?

All of us, therefore, have the honor and responsibility to perservere and to try to educate the people in our communities who are serving in leadership capacities about the principles of classical liberalism.

Is it secession or self-preservation at this point? The parasitic leviathan steeped in socialism and fascism will kill the cities to save its wretched self otherwise!

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