America Regains Prosperity Once The Web Is Exposed.

The Federal Reserve has weaved itself an intricate web. The unConstitutional coup lurks on the edge ready to pounce on all unsuspecting victims and suck the life out of them.

The subpoena is like dew that clings to the strands making it visible and therefore less likely to fool would-be victims. This is good for two reasons: 1). less victims and, 2). a weakened and more desperate bloodsucker!

HR 1207 is even better! It is a more full disclosure - a transparency requirement - so that all of the sticky strands cast out from the hind end of the beast are made evident, and thereby made avoidable, rendering them ineffective as acts of economic terrorism.

The great outcome of HR 1207 is the beginning of the starvation of the parasitic unConstitutional coup and then the revitalization of the prosperous traffic of goods and services produced by productive private enterprises.

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