Bernanke Calls For 'Fiscal Sustainability!'

Something is stirring! Why now and not earlier does Bernanke speak about 'fiscal sustainability?'

Has the unConstitutional coup advised the bimbo mouthpiece of its counterfeiting operation to appear 'cautious' before Congress in order to try to cause the swarming beehive (those in favor of auditing the Federal Reserve) to calm down? To continue its past arrogant stance - 'Congress has no right to know what we are doing' - is not any longer tolerated by Congress.

The hollow sounds coming from out of Bernanke's mouth are just words - about as valuable as the rhetoric of the politicians - in other words, it is worthless.

There is a reason for the noticeable change in his rhetoric though. It is not difficult for the unConstitutional coup to convince Bernanke to try whatever scheme he can to prevent an audit. He will be the first to be blamed (and the unConstitutional coup hopes it goes no further) for all of the illegal and unethical practices uncovered during the audit.

His disgrace will acutely affect him since he is so narcissistic. He may even rebel against that shame and decide to expose the unConstitutional coup. Conveniently he would then be found, having been overtaken with grief, next to his suicide note.

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