Bernanke Speaks Out On CBS '60 Minutes' Now And Later!

The narcissism of Bernanke is beyond belief. Here is a person that can lie and not even blink and the reason is because of his adoration of himself!

Outwardly then to the unConstitutional coup it appears that they have found the perfect person to serve as the Mother of All Counterfeiters. These fools who make up the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup did not realize how far the economic equilibrium pendulum had swung! It is on its way back and there is nothing these economic terrorists can do about it!

Under these conditions was it wise to appoint a mega-narcissist as their pivot man? Is Bernanke's love of self greater than his willingness to be the laughing stock of economic history, fired in disgrace as the economy continues to try to free itself from the fetters of the ego-driven interventionists?

Squealing is more in character with a mega narcissist. Do the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup need to find hiding places to run to after Bernanke reveals their names?

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