The Cap And Trade Pathway To Totalitarianism!

I am trying to figure out how the unConstitutional coup benefits from this. It could just be economic blindness combined with the political correctness of environmental pseudoscience, or it could just be political corruption with the 85% tax looting going to the special interests ( I am sure the coup members are in line with their cups.) but I think there is something else going on too.

It is a grand entry into nationalization of the energy industry! That's it!

Everyone depends on energy and so control of energy makes everyone subservient and obedient to the totalitarian regime.

Cap and Trade or Cap and Tax is a political weather balloon testing how far and how fast the unConstitutional coup can go. Is Congress still in a stupor from the exponential bribery administered using addictive Keynesianism, the drug politicians cannot resist? If so the unConstitutional coup will proceed quickly!

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