Is Bernanke An Extortionist, A Counterfeiter, And A Snitch?

When an extortionist is pushed to the wall what does he do, how does he respond?

When a counterfeit ring is close to losing its secrecy does anyone expect a key player to confess wrongdoing?

When the person who claims to be an expert is on the verge of being exposed as a charlatan does he wish he could hide under a rock?

When a narcissist is confronted with the utmost disgrace will he take notice that others (Paulson, for example) have tried to shift the blame to others, and so out of self love will contemplate revealing the names of the members of inner circle of the unConstitutional coup? (Will your suicide note be a remarkable forgery or will it be blotched and still quickly covered up?)

This is your last chance - Ben Bernanke - to do something honorable. Expose the unConstitutional coup and then run and hide!

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