Montel, Don't Be Gullible To The Political Rhetoric.

What else do politicians in the United States do besides throw out rhetoric in an attempt to get the economically illiterate masses to feel good, and then behind the cloak of the unConstitutional coup expand their power and influence by deals and schemes?

If there was freedom of speech and a free press the lies of the politicians would be out in the open and they would hear themselves scorned as liars and thieves and would be voted out of office as soon as possible.

'Repayment of TARP funds' and 'pay as you go' rhetoric is nothing but a dangling worm on a hook. Some will take it hook, line and sinker. Others will nibble (Montel be careful!) but beware because that hook will snag you and your fate will be in the hands of the holders of the knives.

The liars and thieves that are trying to bait you with their rhetoric will drown if the boat of counterfeit money is no longer functioning. That is exactly what will happen when HR 1207 passes.

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