The Myth of “Too Big To Fail”

Let’s look at the rallying cry of the interventionists. They say that “This or that is too big to fail.” There are many points of attack on this ridiculous claim.

First of all, if bigness is a good thing then never would it get to the point where bigness could fail since being big is good. However if bigness is not necessarily a good thing then failing is what is destined to happen and is much needed.

Second, it is strange that the interventionists would make the claim that ‘such and such is too big to fail.’ This is strange because the only way ’such and such’ was able to get ‘too big to fail’ was because of intervention. In other words the interventionists created the problem to begin with and now they want to make the problem even worse.

Thirdly, which point of view does the interventionists take, what viewpoint is being adopted by the interventionists? How can it be considered a failure if the errors in the market are purged? Everyone benefits from errors being purged from the system except those who are using the system to unethically redistribute wealth to themselves and their buddies. So we find that the interventionists and the socialists and the fascists are the ones that benefit from having an economy that is not allowed to correct itself. No wonder they use propaganda to try to convince the masses that a free market is not a viable option.

And finally as we approach the big counterfeiter with questions about its relevance (HR 1207), the reply of the interventionists is that the economy needs the Federal Reserve to fight inflation and to stabilize the economy as if it is too big to fail! It is not too big to fail. In fact, its failure is the correction that the economy needs!

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