Physicians And Patients Can Stop Socialized Medicine!

These (HR 2629 and HR 2630) can pass! Who do you think is the most irritated by the socialization of medicine? The physicians.

Physicians and their patients (all of the sudden we are talking about a majority) can contact their elected representatives and then what we will see is the battleground form and become defined!
On one side will be the socialists and the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex and the bribed, corrupt politicians.

On the other side will be the physicians, and patients who have private health insurance and health savings accounts, and also all advocates of private property and liberty.

The corrupt ones are too cowardly to come out into the open and so they will try to fight the battle with lies and deviousness. Their oppostion (us) will do well by continually exposing these cowardly acts by the corrupt and socialistic enemy.

Eventually the representatives who are hearing from their constituents will have to decide whether they want to lose the next election or stop the thievery and impoverishment associated with socialism.

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