"Cash For Clunkers" And The 'Independence' Of The Federal Reserve!

This clunkers program is a Great Depression scheme designed by economic numbskulls. In the Great Depression crops were plowed under and livestock were killed to keep prices high! Pretty stupid right!

In this Greater Depression automobiles are taken from the market and the engines are destroyed in exchange for cash. Hopefully then this funny money is used to buy cars from government-owned car companies that sell inferior cars but have in place government-conceived incentive programs to buy these poor quality vehicles.

Bailout the incompetent car manufacturers and stipulate that in exchange for the bailout the socialist government will become the majority owner. Then use the government to manipulate the market by destroying the supply of cars and subsidizing the price of the cars produced by the government-run car companies. In the true spirit of Federal Reserve 'independence' have the Federal Reserve make 'credit' available and also in the spirit of 'independence' encourage the banks by having the Federal Reserve strongarm them to make car loans to those who are foolish enough to buy these cars made with renowned soviet quality by the incompetent government run car companies.

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