Counterfeit Economists Praise The Counterfeiting Federal Reserve!

The source of their prominence is the same counterfeiting operation that is under question. These counterfeit economists are going to defend the counterfeit operation that financed their counterfeit education and that finances the counterfeit institutions that they represent.

And under it all, like a slithering snake in a hidden place, is the counterfeit unConstitutional coup that hisses out its forked-tongue propaganda, channeling it via its counterfeit media sources.

These counterfeit persons of prominence are part of the counterfeit system that is run by the ego-driven interventionists. Lies and theft are their specialties but they have arrogantly forgotten that the masses are their victims and that the masses have had enough.

If Congress disregards the wish of the people by following the wish of the unConstitutional coup then there will be unrestrainable political unrest.

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