Historic Election Needed When U.S. Collapses!

How ironic it is that in the political world created by the unConstitutional coup that it is not the cream that rises to the top but rather the airhead foam and scum of other types.

In the upside-down world of the unConstitutional coup counterfeiting is considered wealth, war is promoted as the way to peace, bailing out corruption and failure is seen as helpful, and socialism and fascism are seen as modern thinking!

Now the unConstitutional coup has a big problem. People are questioning the citizenship of the one 'elected' to be President and their backup, the Vice President, is not only ego-driven but delusional.

As these problems mount and as the economy casts aside the burdens of economic intervention and economic terrorism hoisted upon it by these ego-driven interventionists the possibility of serious unrest is very real.

Eventually the only hope will be to wipe the slate clean, expose the unConstitutional coup and have another election without all of the interference.

Once President, Ron Paul will re-establish the Constitutional Republic and begin the process of releasing the bounties of a classical liberalism society.

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