"Independence' Of The Monetary System Requires The Gold Standard!

It is indeed essential to have a monetary system that is independent of the political machinations of the ego-driven interventionists. To claim that 'independence' is vital on the one hand but then to espouse the use of a fiat currency under the control of a central bank on the other hand is a perfect example of the use of 'half-truths' by the propagandists for the unConstitutional coup.

If 'independence' was the true objective then instead of selective secrecy there would be a return to the gold standard. That is precisely one of the chief merits of the gold standard. Since no degree of alchemy can create gold from baser metals the supply of gold is unalterable by all the ego-driven who want to enrich themselves by political means. Is this not what it truly means to be independent?

Let's be straight. The Federal Reserve is the counterfeiting operation that is financing the unConstitutional coup. They do not want a monetary system that is 'independent' of their political control so they oppose the gold standard. Their half-truth propaganda about 'independence' means secrecy (regarding their shenanigans) from the Congress and from the people of the United States.

The gold standard is the quickest, and most economical, and the most just way to achieve independence. All other suggestions about 'independence' of the monetary system come from the forked tongue of the lustful ego-driven.

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