'Independence' = Secrecy As Evidenced By Federal Reserve Treaties!

'Independence' from a whole slew is mentioned but one of the ones mentioned was the bankers! OK, how do we know if there is independence? If no one can examine what the central bank is doing how do we know that the big banks are not just running the show, or if there is not some sort of 'unConstitutional coup' behind the whole thing?

We are supposed to take the word of the likes of Paulson, Bernanke, and Geithner! Ask liars and thieves if you want answers!

Indeed, 'independence' is unquestionably being used as a code word for secrecy.

I liked the specificity of the questions directed to James Galbraith. In an effort of the unConstitutional coup to find 'experts' to speak up for 'independence' they thought it would be a good idea to have someone who could use the word 'Constitution' during their testimony. Those who have such a reputation would tend to have ethics (even if relative) and so they would find it very, very difficult to lie under oath. The specificity of Congressman Paul's questions weakened rather than strengthened the 'secrecy' of 'independence' which is being sought by the unConstitutional coup.

They want secrecy ('independence') because otherwise their economic terrorism will become common knowledge!

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