Is Space Exploration Wasteful And Used For Propaganda Purposes?

In a classical liberalism society there will be no behemoth government with control of vast resources to enable it to conduct stellar boondoggles!

In a classical liberalism society individuals will have various degrees of wealth and may be able to form some kind of contractual agreement with others to use their wealth to mobilize resources for experimental enterprises in space, not for pomp and ceremony but because it serves the consumers on our planet.

In a enlightened classical liberalism society the greatest arena of endeavor will be for the advancement of civilization on this wonderful planet.

Are there 'scientists' who object to this? Your pet projects are no more valid than any of the other special interests that need coercion to fund it.

Peace and prosperity cannot ever be achieved from coercion. If your scientific mind cannot understand this than it is very obvious that funding any of your self-serving ideas would be harmful.

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