Ron Paul Is Economically And Politically Wise Like A True Statesman.

Ron Paul is a classical liberalism scholar and he is tearing down all of the economic fallacies that are dumped by the ego-driven upon the masses through their corrupted education system and its curriculum, and through its increasingly irrelevant media outlets, and from the mouths of economic imbeciles like Krugman and Bernanke.

The groundswell to audit the Federal Reserve is really a groundswell to get rid of the political class which is only now being recognized as parasitic. And at its center is the unConstitutional coup that has eroded our Constitutional Republic so severly that it barely exists - except in the minds and hearts of those who love liberty.

That is the the true groundswell! Except for those who are still asleep to economic reality, everyone else is discovering that peace and prosperity comes from the protection of property rights and from liberty.

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