This Is A Brief Cycle Of Free Press! Enjoy It And Learn From It.

We are in one of those cycles where mainstream media would be deemed completely irrelevant if they did not cover the important issues in the real world rather than some Keynesian mirage passed off by the politicians.

In this cycle everyone will want to put Ron Paul on their show and that is the power of truth. It cannot be hid for long. Diversions and half-truths can muddy the waters but eventually the water will clear and there it will be.

The surge of knowledge about economics will reach the ears and the minds of many people during this cycle and that will serve as a great reservoir of the love of liberty and justice and prosperity. Each cycle makes it more difficult for the ego-driven interventionists to propagandize the masses.

Soon the threshold will be reached and that is when the unConstitutional coup will be ousted.

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